Saturday, November 04, 2006

Super Sunday

SUPERHERO, that is! :)
Who are those masked men???


Pam said...

I hadn't seen that picture from Hubble, thanks. I am facinated by, and in awe of the pictures the satellite has sent to us. And I'm impressed with the men who are willing to risk their lives to go out into space for the necessary repairs so that we may continue to feast our eyes and minds.

Loved the trick or youngest grandson was also Spiderman.

Maryellen said...

They are so little and so cute. Halloween comes and goes so fast, but it is always fun to do your own costume and see others.

k said...

Oh, definitely a high *awww!!!* factor on this one!

I love looking at it. I had to canx Halloween this year, which I'd so rather not have done...seeing this pic is very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

I definitely feel much safer knowing that Spiderman and Batman are out patrolling the streets.

So cute!

paris parfait said...

So cute!