Monday, June 23, 2008

Tasting the Sun


Why is it
No one hungers now,
Trusting only each other,
Their divine hands helpless
In their pockets,
Their beautiful faceless heads
Down against a lowering sky?

But this little one sees,
Remembers the road that is
A milky spill of suns,
Turns toward a past
Where dead souls know that
Huilzilopochtli is the god who
Ate fire as a sacrament,
Summoning back life,
The resurrection.

See how she tastes his fire,
Lets his sparks light their
Common ether,
Lets them sift through her
Ethereal sky-skin.

She carries away in her hand
Hot coals to light her way across,
To wherever it is
Ghosts go.

(Written to another of Rick Mobbs terrific paintings, The Kiss. Needs work, suggestions?)


Jo said...

Scorching ending, pardon the pun *grin*

Really like this.

amuirin said...

"She carries away in her hand
Hot coals to light her way across,
To wherever it is
Ghosts go."


Tammy said...

I really liked it Joyce. Is she a ghost or a god?

"See how she tastes his fire,
Lets sparks light their
Common ether,
Lets them sift through her
Ethereal sky-skin."

My favorite stanza. :) HUGS

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miss*R said...

hi, I was just going through one of my old blogs and you commented about my cancer checkup.. thankyou xo

paisley said...

oh this was beautiful,, and allowed me to rejoice n my desire to follow,, where ever it is ghosts go....

miss*R said...

Hi, just thought I would let you know it was back in 2006 when you commented.. on a previous blog life
called Daily Parcels...

one more believer said...

loved the title... but this little one sees... to wherever it is ghosts go... lovely

christine said...

love "milky spill of suns" it captures the diaphanous quality of light. You capture well the element of heat and air in the painting, the contrast between the sky and fire. Nice myth weaving too.