Wednesday, June 11, 2008

RWP: Watching You

Anniversary: Keep Away

After forty years
Your face is one
I no longer recognize
Among other half-remembered faces
Of children grown
Lovers gone
Friends departed

In your endless rage
I know only
The red wilderness
Of burnt Mercury
I would be glad
For some small thing of Earth
A red carnation

Once keep-away
Was something children played
Now I listen to you breathe
You sleep in pieces
This part of you
That part of you

I think how as a boy
You hid a pocket knife
In the top of your Commando boots
Had a nosebleed at Grand Canyon
And threw your unsold newspapers
Into gutters

Now you lie buried
Belly down in pillows
Mouth open
The outlines of your dreams
Of Guam, of flight, of Halley's Comet
And the end of the world
A trailing current
Of your death

Leaving no notes behind
No messages

(I posted this one
last year, so if you think you have seen it before, you probably have.)


Jo said...

Love has such fire and fury (and I must have missed it last year, so I'm glad you reposted).

Jo said...

And the ending is superb.

Tammy said...

This was still amazing Joyce! I really enjoyed that one below too. That last line was great!


Jo said...

Hello P,

Your poem holds so much passion, I love it! A lot to keep learning about life ~ death ~ and what we leave behind. New to blogger I didn't catch this one, thanks for reposting! :)

paisley said...

well i for one did not read it than and enjoyed it enough to read it twice now so that i am all caught up... i have last track of you dear one since i am not partaking in as many prompts,, but i shall put you in my reader now so that this will not happen again.....

k said...

That was beautiful, and a little scary too. Having just turned 50, and with all that's been going on with our mutual health, Walter and I looked at each other last night, just before we fell asleep, and realized our looks had suddenly aged 5 or 10 years in the last one year.

We still recognized each other just fine.

But we also recognized that one day we may not.

Perhaps this is one reason for the grace, as we age, of our eyesight fading...

pepektheassassin said...

Thanks, y'all.

and k, you are so funny.

chiefbiscuit said...

This poem has so much in it - I've read it twice now for the different layers - and it bears even more reading. Strong poetry - I love it!