Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rescue the Princess

Oh, do not try.
She is bought and sold, and
smells of old cheese.
She has lost her story
and does not want
to be rescued.

She is what she is,
will never arrive, never
depart, be welcomed,
or suffer. She is
what she needs: a bed,
a cigarette, a coffee pot.

She is blue, a sort of mold
grows where it takes
getting used to, but she will.
You cannot give her anything.
She is all on her own.
This is her career.

People go by, and
mention her name, but
save your breath--
this Princess will never
be fixed. Do not
defend her. Do not


(painting by Rick Mobbs, "rebirth.")


twitches said...

Very nice!

chiefbiscuit said...

Yeah! Nice, very nice.

Jo said...

Wild, Pepek, just wild, love where you went with this *grin*

k said...


and what a wonderful segue the next one was!

paris parfait said...

Excellent work!