Sunday, June 22, 2008

Russian Olives

Ten p.m. and the temperature outside is 78, after a HOT day. The back door is open and the night air coming in is delicious with Russian Olive tree smells. Just thought I'd tell you. (Something like noticing the color purple.)

The picture is one of MontanaRaven's. She's the very best photographer I know. It's called "some consider this tree a weed."


Jo said...

What a lovely post.....pretty tree. We're having a very cold summer, not a single sleep with the windows wide open night yet. We usually get at least six each summer (ho ho).

Tammy said...

She is a great photographer. I've never seen one...nice!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

She has two blogs, Raven's Nest, and Land of Little Rain, both wonderful, but the second contains most of her artwork. Check her out on my bloglist!