Monday, March 17, 2008

WI: Spellbound

I find myself spellbound by this translation:

Grey, Mouse, Candle Paul Colinet

Translated from the French by Rochelle Ratner

Grey, the depths, the labyrinths, the sleepingbags; grey, the patient stairs; sly grey, grey brain, mischievous brain, grey, granaries of grey. Grey, the week; grey, the attic window overlooking grey fields, heaven’s grey eye, the messenger on the grey horse; bullet music, the angel caught in his grey snares.

Mouse, clever mouse who smiles with tiny grey eyes which go cri-cri; pointed mouse, spinning mouse, twinkling mouse; mouse who dots the grey quilt; mouse who says oui with a little cry, in the heaps of folded grey.

Candle, it's a castle. Day castle, night castle, castle of mice; castle of cats; castle that sings, winged castle, song of wings. Circle of virgins, candle-virgins radiantly turning, with bouquets of eyes and velvet mouths. Lace-collared candle, fairy candle, candle of Orpheus, French candle greyed from mouse-nests.

from a French poet, sent to me by my son, Slick.


Jeques said...

Indeed, this translations cast certain magic spell to the mind ~ the unusual translation summons ideas, creative ideas than make me want to write.

Thanks to you and your son for sharing this.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Constance said...

wow, I like the flow of this, even in translation. Thanks for sharing. :)

Remiman said...

Where, pray tell, would we be without our imaginations?
In the grey pit of human mediaocrity?

gautami tripathy said...

How do we live without imaginations?

Great thoughts...

insanely inconclusive

anthonynorth said...

Imagination is the stuff of culture, science, religion - and produces beautiful words.

tumblewords said...

I like it, too! The spell it casts is wide and encompassing...

Jo said...

Beautiful, really exquisite.