Monday, March 31, 2008

RWP: Overheard


I'll remember ya, honey
think of it as a gift
I was lucky
yer a lucky bastard
yer the one that got away
in an empty and amorphous space
it became confusing
the lighting was different
windows, things like that
it had almost a documentary feel
of new things and old things
because you have new tools and you always want to explore
everybody couldn't help but notice
it's the kind of journey you go on by yourself
in those days everything was very exciting
they did everything before my time
unfortunately there was a lot of night
day, night, I learned, so now
I will pray for you
once we began to shoot
everything was dirty for whatever reasons
done with something you might find in the streets
I just simply
pictured things a different way

(I don't get out much. This was overheard during two hours of TV last night.)



slickdpdx said...

I like it!

pepektheassassin said...

Thanks, slick!

Christine said...

This is a new form of a found poem- very interesting. I felt like I could place the lines in any situation I decided to envision.

Maybe because of the visual, I imagined two people thinking their own thoughts about the way their romance used to be.

Creative stuff!

pepektheassassin said...

lol. Actually, it was a two-hour thing on old movies. Lots of talking heads analyzing lots of clips.

It was fun to put together.

paisley said...

and it turned out excellent... i was going to do it on lines out of a book i am reading as i don't get out much either... hey,, what can i say we are creative people... we know how to make due....

Jo said...

Well you did a really good job with it, it reads very well.

gautami tripathy said...

You put all the lines in a very readable way. They make sense!

last journey

One More Believer said...

oh, that is very good!!! best 30 days wishes