Wednesday, March 19, 2008


WHY did Barack Obama sit in that church FOR TWENTY YEARS and LISTEN (or even NOT listen) to this old man spew HATE? Comparing this old hatemonger to his white grandma was a farce. This crazy "Old Uncle" is no man of God. I am really disappointed. Obama's past and continuing association with this bastard is more disturbing to me than the ex-governor of New York's four-year association with some pricy prostitute.

Come back, Mitt! You are looking better and better!

And, WHY aren't we all talking about the FALLON RESIGNATION instead of Spitzer's sex life?


slickdpdx said...

The problem with Spitzer he was elected as a corruption fighter and turned out to be in bed, literally, with organized crime!

I'm not sure how I feel about Obama's association with Wright. Wright's sermons are probably within the mainstream for the congregation and Obama needed to get elected in Chicago to get his career in politics going. However, Obama has made Wright a big influence, not just someone whose church he went to. And I'm not sure that, even if the preacher's remarks are acceptable to his congregation, that a guy who endorses, approves, or buys into those beliefs can be elected as president.

rebecca said...

Hillary and Bill are probably drinking to their good fortune righ now. They're quietly watching Obama trying to dig himself out of this hole. And, it's a big one! Honestly, I was for him all the way, but after this, his association with this man, I am feeling very uncomfortable. And, I am sure I am not the only one. It should be interesting to see what his ratings will be like in the next couple of weeks...they are going down already.

pepektheassassin said...

Yeah...there is no way he could not have known this man's character. Obama gave 20,000 $ to the church over the last several years.

a said...

I am with you. Found you on tara's blog. and I'm echoing rebecca here. I am concerned...and certainly NOT going to be schmoozed over by his fancy speeches. I hope others will wake up to his arrogance. Across tI have never in my life sat in a place of worship and heard racist crap like that, and if I did I would leave immediately. Unless I felt the same way, I would not hang around...or befriend someone like that...he wrangled himself out of it with another one of his fast talking say everything they want to hear speeches, but I'm not buying it... and don't even get me started on his wife! ICK! I don't think these things are nitpicky, we are set to vote in a president...everything matters. I was so set to vote for him, but now I'm questioning who he REALLY is.


Paul Bunyan said...

Well....his comments didn't bother me. Maybe I didn't hear what you heard. I'll write more on this later about why.

Paul Bunyan said...

I think Dave Chappel is funny! 'Nough said.