Friday, April 04, 2008

#4 Idiocy

The Idiocy of Trying to Justify a Mortal Position

The Borg says resistance is futile
Amalgams of culture, collective
Hive mind. The stuff of our spirits says
That we all come from the same substance.
What is eternal? Skin color, or
Poverty, or inequality?
Reward is no justification
For suffering what is offensive
Through the birth process, either that, or
Is it just random? Or because they
Were strong? They are all potentially
Dangerous. Lift the veil. Let us see.

(I am losing it, folks. It's only day 4 and I am losing it....Borgs?)


Jo said...

oh no not losing it, very creative this :)
By the way, your elephant, I showed it to everyone and they were all amazed and totally blown away, so thanks.

christine said...

Why not Borgs? I love SF, and find anything to do with consciousness fascinating. I like the way the poem looks on the comment page, all in one line. somehow the impact of the narrator's questions is even more powerful.

Tammy said...

I like borgs and found this poem thought provoking. XXOO

pepektheassassin said...

heh. Why not? Borgs ARE way cool.

pepektheassassin said...

christine, what comment page, where? All in one line?

pepektheassassin said...

But then, I think this is not really about Borgs....but about...yes, consciousness, and US.