Tuesday, April 22, 2008

# 22 Earth Day


I once saw a women,
Call her Isha, heart and bones
Formed, in fact, chosen, like Eve
In Eden, by the breath of His mouth,
By a rib in the sweet dough
Of her flesh. Before she emerged
Was it like a fire, then? Like coming
Out of some great silence
Not dark, not light, but out of some
Infinite blank page set so suddenly
Aflame: No Thing, igniting some dust,
Some tinder, with sparks, bonfires, conflagrations
Of particles created, colliding, decaying,
Like everything she knows as real?

And After Word, under a harmony of
Constellations, after the naming of animals,
Those beautiful beasts in the rumbling seas,and
In the seeded fields, knee-deep in grass, or
Above her, touching the air like God
Walking on water, like men and caribou
In marshes, planting rice, like women
Dancing under trees, like children digging
For treasures, like the painter with his
Oils and brushes, like the doctor with his
Medicine bottles and his pills, like the soldier
With his rifle and his helmet and boots, like the
Boy with his book, like the murderer and
His victim, like the drowned, and the saved.

It is so hard to be chosen; to be
The Beginning of The Rest of the Story
Is to divide and expand forever outward
In a sequence of possibilities, growing greater
With each division. We are mere followers.
As simple as that.

(Okay, in honor of Earth Day I wanted to write something that would suggest earth through the Big Bang, through Eden, on to whatever is ahead, and I wanted to do it using this wonderful painting of Rick Mobbs, called: Tapestry. based on the Fibonacci Sequence. It didn't turn out quite as I imagined it. I think I bit off more than I could chew.)


rick said...

!wow! it's good to be back. I'm exploring your writing and loving it. This piece is awesome! I'll post it with a link back here.

christine said...

A gorgeous, sumptuous poem. i love reading your writing, pepek! And Rick's painting is breathtaking.

The poem reads like a gust of wind, with everything being conjured all at once. Full of passion.

Rob Kistner said...

The scope and the passion of this piece are captivating.

"...to be The Beginning of The Rest of the Story
Is to divide and expand forever outward
In a sequence of possibilities, growing greater
With each division."

I love the section above... ;)

Image & Verse

ozymandiaz said...

I dare say you chewed the proper amount...
I dare say that made no sense.
What I endeavor to say is...
Wonderful write. Made my earthday ode seem trite and insignifigant.

Granted what I wrote was trite and insignifigant.

But I digress.
Wonderful journey you have taken us on. Thanks for sharing.

Jo said...

This is so, so beautiful. Really, Pepek, astonishingly good. You know I just read a poem over at Dale's (Mole, I don't know if you read him -- koshtra.blogspot.com)and I thought such amazing poems pop up on the internet every now and again and I came straight here into this....every now and now :) Both of you are superb writers.

rick said...

I've already exclaimed over pepek's amazing post. Now, anyone who hasn't read it should bop over to read Ozymandias' earth day ode!

Tammy said...

I think you did a wonderful job with this one. I really liked the art on this one and the last post too.

I always take too big of a bite with poetry but sometimes it works.