Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ok, you know what? I think every "good" Muslim in America, in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia, in Europe ought to be outraged at the terrorists who bring nothing but shame and dishonor to their culture and their religion. Where are the MASSES of Muslims who are good citizens and good neighbors around the world? Why are they not scrambling to be first in line to say "These terrorist animals have nothing to do with me or my God, they DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!" and be the most vigilant in watching their neighbors, their sons, their schools, their mosques? Where is their defiance, their courage to say to the world, "Let me be first in line to annihilate every terrorist who kills in my name!" There should be a great outcry of support from every Muslim who is a good neighbor and a good citizen of every country in the world, a vow to clear their name and to declare respect and brotherhood among all the nations of the Earth. The Islamic Lebanese who don't support terrorism must stand up and be responsible to rid Lebanon of Hamas and Hezbollah. The Shi'ites and the Sunnis must love their children more than they hate each other and unite to stamp out those who would destroy their country. The "good" Muslims should seek out and destroy every training camp for terrorists, while they shout for the whole world to hear, "Not in my name! You do not do this evil in my name! Osama Bin Laden is no hero in my house!" And be the first in line to bring him and all of his followers to justice. Where is Islam's OUTRAGE?

UPDATE: I hear that the tips leading to the arrest of 24 people thought to be responsible for the planned bombing of at least 10 USA bound jetliners came from the Islamic community in England as well as in Pakistan. Hurrah for them!

Wow. And that's about as aggravated and political as I will ever get on this blog. The news concerning the airports at Heathrow and the planned bombing of all those commercial airliners bound for the USA was incredible and heinous.


Tammy said...

I think it would really help too and it concerns me that their silence may start hate crimes.

paris parfait said...

That's a good point. They should speak out against the violence, as they privately abhor it. Maybe they should organise mass demonstrations for peace, the way the Spanish did after the Madrid train bombings.