Saturday, January 28, 2006


Why is Rumsfeld doing the monster mash?

What do you know about psyops? There is a declassified document called the "Information Operations Roadmap" obtained by the National Security Archives at George Washington University using the Freedom of Information Act that seems to see the internet as the "equivalent to an enemy weapons system," noting the slogan "fight the net" appears several times in the context. The document, signed by "Master of Puppets" Rumsfeld, recommends that the U.S. "should seek the ability to provide maximum control of the entire electromagnetic spectrum." U.S. forces should be able to "disrupt or destroy the full spectrum of globally emerging communications systems, sensors, and weapons systems dependant on the electromagnetic spectrum."

So. It seems the U.S. military seeks the capability to knock out every telephone, every networked computer, every radar system on the planet, or so says Adam Brookes, a BBC Pentagon news correspondant in an article titled "Bloggers Beware."

And, how does this relate to the whole Google lawsuit thing? Or doesn't it?


pepektheassassin said...

Or is he (Rummie) trying to hypnotize us??? (You are getting sleepy....)

Revolutionary Blogger said...

The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, amended in 1972 and 1998, prohibits the U.S. government from propagandizing the American public with information and psychological operations directed at foreign audiences; and several presidential directives, including Reagan's NSD-77 in 1983, Clinton's PDD-68 in 1999, and Bush's NSPD-16 in July 2002 (the latter two still classified), have set up specific structures to carry out public diplomacy and information operations.