Saturday, January 14, 2006


...for the Year of the Dog? According to the Chinese, 2006 is the Year of the Dog! Bring on the dumplings and the firecrackers! Get ready for the liondances and the parades!

According to Karalee Miller, who writes for Knight-Ridder Newspapers, folks born in this year (which occurs every 12 years) make ideal secret agents and business people. Not only that, but there are Metal dogs, Water dogs, Wood dogs, this year's dog, which are Fire dogs, and Earth dogs. Fire dog people are supposed to be popular and charismatic, with a sexual attractiveness that makes them irresistable, yet they are honest, openhearted, adventurous, and vivacious. They are generally not the settle-down types. (These people correspond with Libras, and you know who you are!) Spouses, beware!

Here's a 30-year-old dog (that's THIRTY, mind you. Geez, that's 216 or something in people years!), a dog at a Japanese fashion show, and another at a beauticians in Beijing having her hair styled and clipped.


slickdpdx said...

Someone's gotta feed the poor girl at the top!

pepektheassassin said...

Well, hey! Just look at the dark circles under the eyes of
that poor girl in China--the dog, I mean. She needs to make a resolution to get more Z's this year, don't you think?