Saturday, January 14, 2006

Little Things Mean A Lot

Years ago, Kitty Kallen sang a very popular song called "Little Things Mean A Lot."

Remember that spacecraft that crashed into the Utah desert several months ago? And they carefully salvaged what they could from the impacted pieces? Well, they just let us know what went wrong with that gazillion-dollar project--somebody installed the parachute backwards!

UPDATE: The space capsule bringing back comet dust samples just landed safely in Dugway, Utah, with a million samples of comet and interstellar dust aboard! "The first parachute opened at 100,000 feet, followed by a larger chute, which guided it to a 10 mph landing on the salt flats"--

Who says we don't learn from our mistakes????

1 comment:

Pixletwin said...

I say they apply bamboo to that technicians fingernails and reinstall his intestine backwards.