Saturday, May 15, 2010

Words for a Fairy Godmother

Listen, I have a confession:
my words think they are
the only beautiful things I have.
They are my lapis lazuli eyes,
my teeth-pearls,
my French damask tongue,
my Speed-E-Namel diamond nails,
my October-opal nipples,
my jade-green navel.
My husband cannot eat them.
My lover's deaf.
Listen, I have sinned.
For penance what shall I do
to bring money home
for milk and bread?
I have a confession: There are worms
in my dreams.
My words are all pigs-in-a-poke
believing that they're treasures.

Must I recant?

(Big Tent Poetry prompt #2 Words)


Tumblewords: said...

Ah, this is great - the last two lines superb.

Rethabile said...

Awesome. I come here for relief.

vivienne blake said...

Bt your words ARE treasures.

Mary said...

I agree...your words are treasures AND beautiful.

Linda Frances said...

Your words tumble about the page and bring the reader along for the ride and playfulness. Loved the poem.

Anonymous said...

nice words.
(I would argue on the pigs' behalf, as they are not at fault for the poke.)

Deb said...

What a gem (oy! but it couldn't be helped!) of a response.

Yes, I loved the last three lines, but also the first: compelling, believable (not for you, but for my words!) and everything between, too.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

lol Somebody once said "Where are those sparkling gems that dazzled me last night, and what is this crap?" Or something like that. I've lost the quote, but you get the idea....

Anonymous said...

oh, joyce!

My husband cannot eat them.
My lover's deaf.
Listen, I have sinned.

great lines!

Jo A. T.B. said...

loved this Joyce! You sure have a way of twisting words around in a nice way of course!!

christine said...

Great poem! So much attitude.

irene said...

Love this poem!