Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Tent Wordle


Look in God's purse
for hidden candies.
This is no delicate Evening bag.
She carries something simple, black,
crumpled. She will open it for you.
You may peek inside
where there are hidden treasures: zippers
and mysterious pockets. It's lining is
a caparison, a wild extravagance
across the back of an Indian Elephant
on the back of a mouse.
Ganash, on a lotus flower,
candies falling from his trunk into your hands--
a tincture of prod and noose.

Suspend your disbelief.
Feel the patterned lining of the purse
with your fingers for proof.
Fondle the straps
that lock the moon in its place
inside the black bag.
Capitulate to the futile terror of Her fecund
nursery of stars across the high,
steep walls that rise up
toward the clasp.

This is God's purse. Sapient, She will
soon fasten the zippers without a glitch,
doff the splendor, and open
a small tin of lemon drops
for our pleasure,
assessing Her role as Mother,
soothing us with linty candies from Her
simple handbag, wearing Her simple
hairnet, fooling us
with Her simple shoes.

(There. I think I used every one: purse, crumpled, caparison, tincture, pattern, proof, capitulate, futile, fondle, sapient, glitch, and doff. Did I miss any?)


momA said...

very whimsical and thought provoking!
I could see her in my mind.

vivienne blake said...

I like the idea of making the purse the focal point of the poem.

Tumblewords: said...

Almost a Mary Poppins sort. :) Nicely descriptive.

Stan Ski said...

I'm glad God is a woman after all.

b_ said...

Some people are entranced by boxes. Not me. A thrift store bag is magic enough. This one, though, complete with linty lemon drops, the sky of night, and maybe all the secrets of the universe. Got to say, that's pretty swell.
The simple shoes ice the cake.

Jo A. T.B. said...

So nostagic Joyce, almost reminds me of my mother! Beautiful!!

Jo A. T.B. said...

Hey just caught that previous comment by Stan ~ "I'm glad God is a woman after all."

Never thought of God as a female!!!

nan said...

So tactile! I love "fooling us with Her simple shoes." Very nice!

Deb said...

I gladly suspended by disbelief for this purse of God's. What a beautiful imagery/concept: comforting, expansive, elegant, wry.

I love the linty candies, a universe.


Derrick said...

An intriguing creation from the prompt. I liked the idea "Fondle the straps
that lock the moon in its place". Great images.

Linda Goin said...

Loved this poem from the start, providing "God" with a feminista perspective. I read this poem three times and came up with different perspectives every time. This is a deep, deep poem (much like God's purse!), but not linty at all! You, I think, have fooled us all with your simple shoes. =)

caroleesherwood said...

these are my favorite lines from this wordle so far:

Fondle the straps
that lock the moon in its place
inside the black bag.


Cynthia Short said...

very intriguing...amazed how you could put in every word!

Marianne ~ said...

This is wonderful! I love what you did with all 12 of the words. I love "Fondle the straps that lock the moon in its place inside the black bag." One great line among many great lines!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Thanks, one and all! Glad you stopped by and gave me a few minutes of your day!

God said...

Sorry.God has better taste than that in purses!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

lol You should know!