Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to be a Warrior!

Our friend Tammy, aka Warrior Woman, otherwise known as Robin, and Pam, aka Spike, otherwise known as Batman, and my brother-in-law Mel, aka Mel, have all been diagnosed with ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Tammy is sponsoring a team to walk for the Defeat of ALS ~ Tammy's Warriors. Those of you who would like to participate either as a real-life-flesh-and-blood walker or as a virtual walker (like me) on her team, or to simply contribute to the Defeat of ALS, contact Tammy here!
or my personal ALS page here.
Thanx ~ your participation is appreciated! BTW, this is a picture of the Warrior Woman's cool new tattoo...how combative is that! We are on the warpath!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Oh my, three diagnosed! Am glad to hear they are up to the challenge with such courage and voracity! You will all be in my thoughts, Joyce.

Annie said...

Darn. I just blew my comment. Here I go again.

Hi Joyce. What a surprise. I didn't see you on Tammy's Warrior list. I'm there too. Best wishing on the fundraising. Have you send out emails to your email list. That elicited a big of interested from some very unexpected corners.

Don, Kris, and I will be up there walking with her. I can't wait.

Tammy said...

Bloglines had no alerts from your blog, but this morning I got 6.! I got to number 6 and saw my new tattoo. lol Thank you sweetie!

I enjoyed your pictures and news of another bundle of joy. YAY!

Did you change something on your blog?