Friday, February 08, 2008



Born October 4, 1928
Red Mountain, California

Died February 8, 2008
South Jordan, Utah


O, Cruel Thorns (an Easter anthum)
--please click on listen sample 1 to hear a short clip of this music.

O, cruel thorns, were thou upon my brow,
Whose awesome twinings on my Lord pressed down;
Might I not wish thee gone, nor hope to know
A sweeter death beneath thy crown.

Thou pierced hands, and body wounded sore;
The heart's blood spilling down as somber rain,--
My heart and hands do reassure
Those scarlet welling drops fall not in vain.

O precious signs, so pure and undefiled,
Of holy flesh and blood in sacrifice;
May I become in faith a little child
Partaking guiltlessly before His eyes.

And weary feet, who paid thy fearful toll
Upon the stony way to Calvary;
Set now thy prints upon my soul
And I will walk in joy to follow Thee!

Words by Onita Davis, Music by Gaylen Hatton

(click on clips from Apotheosis, music also written by Gaylen Hatton--listen to sound clips 8-20, some of the most gorgeous music you'll ever hear!)



shokupanmanbo said...

We're very sorry. God bless you and God bless Gaylen's family!

I'm glad you found that clip. Its a beautiful song. I spent about a hour over at Jelly reading about the good old days and Gaylen's summary of his own life. I was especially touched that after a life time of work and accomplishment in music he wrote that "There are other things in life that are more important, but music has surely been a wonderful thing to me."

chiefbiscuit said...

I'm sorry. Another death for you to absorb. Makes it tough, and yet I know you see beyond the immediate and that this consoles you.

k said...



Endment said...

Music to fill my soul
What a great loss

January said...

Sorry for your loss, Joyce. Thinking of you and your family today.