Saturday, December 29, 2007

Goodnight, Dave

Born October 22, 1930
Died December 29, 2007


There are a hundred paths
through the world that are
easier than loving. But
who wants easier?
-Mary Oliver

Wasn't it good, though? Wasn't it good,
all of us there together, awash
in Mr. Richard's California light, awash
in color from your bold hand, wild
as the Day the Yankees Lost the Pennant?

Alive, and racing Kije's Troika through
a white shower of strings and little bells
toward a sky and an ocean as blue
as a Carolina day?

Now you are a prayer, or what a prayer
should be, knowing you may have
closed your eyes, but this is no dream.
It comforts us. The God you met waits.
God--a figure like the sun, a face
of copper, of gold, with the merciful grace
of the little girl in red stockings who also waits
to take your hand. It comforts us

that whatever it Was,



slickdpdx said...

I am so sorry to hear this.

k said...

I don't know who this person is, or what he meant to you. But you have my condolences, miss assassin.

That poem was beautiful. Just beautiful.

I came here to wish you Happy New Year. I do hope you have a good one, circumstances notwithstanding.

pepektheassassin said...

Dave's my best friend's husband (you remember Jennie, in Chrysalis?) who was a fine artist and an excellent person, a good, gentle, masterpiece of a man. I will be leaving day after tomorrow to fly east to be with her for about 10 days. Until I return, I will miss you guys!

pepektheassassin said...

The little girl in the red stockings is Kie, who was killed in a car accident when she was 2 1/2.

pepektheassassin said...

Mr Richard is Richard Diebenkorn, his art teacher when he was studying at the Art Institute in San Francisco, who Dave did a painting of, and the Day the Yankees Lost the Pennant was another painting of his, as was one he called Finding God. We listened to a recording of Prokofiev's called Lieutenant Kije a much for the obscure references in the poem.

slickdpdx said...

I actually figured out the Diebenkorn, thank Google, and had the right idea about Kije. Be safe.

pepektheassassin said...


Tammy said...

I'm sorry for your loss and "Now you are a prayer" was so moving. Beautiful tribute Joyce!


k said...
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k said...

Oh, no. No no no.

I remember perfectly. The husband and the little girl, and Jennie.

The *At Last!* husband, and the *At Last!* little girl...

I'm so sorry.

For what it's worth, miss assassin, carry my good wishes with you on your trip. I hope you can help your friend begin to heal from her loss.

Since first reading Chrysalis, I think of her quite often. Surprisingly so, for a person I've never met - except in a story told by another person unmet.

Oh, Lord. NO.

paris parfait said...

I had a jolt for a minute - as David Holmes is my husband's name! So sorry to learn of your loss. But this is a lovely tribute to him. xo

KARIN said...

Thanks for coming to be with mom during this very difficult time. Thank you also for writing such beautiful words about dad. karin

Anonymous said...

Ah my dear Pepek, how wonderful it was to finally get to know you. You have been a godsend to my sister, and especially now when she needed you so much.

You are now on your journey back home and you will be missed so much.

Thank you so much for your beautiful and touching poem for Dave. It means so much to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... did I use the word "much", much? LOL!

Blessings to you Pepek.

pepektheassassin said...

Much too much! ;)