Monday, September 24, 2007


We took a spin up into the mountaintops to see the fall colors. It rained a little, and snowed a little, and shined a little. Grandpa and Simon took a hike, and went rock climbing. Jacob and I were freezing, so we went back to the museum and looked at some furry/boney owl poop, a bear's skull, and a cross-cut tree-rings journey through time. On the trail, Simon's loose tooth came out, and he LOST it, and they had to retrace their steps back a ways, and they FOUND it! I am sure the Tooth Fairy rejoiced!

Yesterday was also the first day of autumn. Rejoice!



January said...

So so cute! Great pictures. I can't believe you have even a little snow. It's going to be 90 degrees here tomorrow.

Nancy said...

What a cutey!!

Finding a lost tooth is a lot harder than losing it in the first place. I'm amazed that y'all found it!

wendy said...

What good grandparents you are!

I lost tooth in the wilderness..FOUND! EEE GADD!

That is a miracle...of love!

Way to go Gramps!

Isn't owl scat kinda cool?....

Tammy said...

He is adorable and I can't believe you found the tooth. ;) HUGS

AscenderRisesAbove said...

very cute photos - the toothless grin. and those photos below - the baby asleep... awwwww