Friday, September 07, 2007

PT: One for the Show


Fear follows
me like hungry cats
at my heels

Feed me
their small teeth sharp
I have put out both
meat and milk

peace offerings
but they do not eat
nor drink
they are not pacified

I have nothing left
to share with them
they remain
hissing and wanting


(Picture,Silanee Fear: Elben Wald, Lebe Deine Fantasy)



pepektheassassin said...

I guess (instead of being a day behind), I'm early for next Thursday's prompt!

gautami tripathy said...

That photo is perfect for this post. So what if you ar early for next week. I like it!

desert rat said...

I was early too!
Good one - although as a cat person, I have a hard time associating hungry cats with fear - mostly just with waking me up too early in the morning! Nicely done though, I like.

...deb said...

Brilliant poem. Unrelenting. Powerful last word.

(I'm a cat-person, too, but--or because I understand the creatures--like this very much.

PS--I didn't get to meet Barak personally--so didn't get to give him your greeting :-), but did post about the Portland event on stoney moss--thanks for visiting.)

January said...

So appropriate. I love this. I'm glad you were early--now I have an idea what to write about.

Tammy said...

Turn around and face them head on. Works for me and fear, but my cat needs a good neck rub. ;)