Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Meteor at the Pass

Three times during the night on Sunday my husband and I got up and stood outside looking up and north, watching for meteors from the Perseid shower. As far as we could tell, nothing was happening except for the crickets singing under the stars and a lot of lost sleep....

But my son Deadboy (not his real name) and some friends went up to the top of Guardsman's Pass where it was nice and dark, without any competition from city lights, and one of his friends took this lovely picture!

Thanks for the great photo, @nt!x. (Click it!)



slickdpdx said...


Jan said...

Ohhh..I absolutely love this journal! When I saw all your blogs, I just didn't know which one to click on, or if you had a 'main' one, so I just chose this one.

Later, I will check out the rest. I can't imagine that you could compliment me on mine, after seeing this.

Btw..the boys are beautiful! How blessed you are!

wendy said...

so cool to capture this moment!

My daughter saw her first shooting star on this last vacation....and she's 17!! You just have to be at the right place at the right time I guess...and with your eyes on the heavens instead of your feet!

turquoise cro said...

Thanks! for the pic! I went outside too, creeping on my porch warily with one eye on the sky and looking for our rascal racoon who has been getting into ours and the neighbor's garbage! My sons have seen him but I don't want to meet that masked bandit at night on my porch, it's spooky out there!!! I didn't seeeee anything! but I didn't stay too long either!