Saturday, June 02, 2007

Labels People Have Given Me over the Years

I borrowed this idea from January, Choir-girl, Up and Comer, Democrat, Good-cooker, and Poet-Mom, and had fun doing it!

* * * *

Latter-Day Saint*Mormon*Child of God*Desert Rat*Californian*Brownie* Girl Scout*Girlfriend*Loner*
*President of Art Club*Artist*Grand Prize Winner*Sweepstakes Winner*President of Drama Club*Graduate*Best Friend*Joycie-My-Joycie*Juice*Beatnik*Bohemian*Flower Child*Single*Passive*Agressive*Actress*New Girl*Not A Bulldog*Married*Newlywed*Mrs.*That Girl*That Lady*That Woman*Wife*Sister-in-Law*Daughter-in-Law*Joy*Poet*Author*Writer
*Cancer Victim*Patient*Survivor*Neighbor*Book Award Winner*American*Democrat*Protester*Activist*Pacifist*Telephone Operator
*Lens Polisher*Waitress*Usher*Telemarketer*Teacher*Poet of the Year*Renter*Homeowner*Pet Owner*Animal Lover*Credit Card Holder*Sis*Aunt Joyce *Editor*Moviegoer*Right-Brained*Reader*Utahn*Mother*Mama*Soccer Mom*Pedestrian*Pianist*Mother-in-Law*Grandmother*Gramma*Big Apple*Gram Cracker*Librarian*Retired*Vacationer*Senior Citizen*Spacey*
*Blogger*Contributer*Pepek the Assassin.



January said...

The two things that I love about this exercise: you have to put your life in chronological order, and as a reader I learned so much more about you.

Great poem/exercise!

Pam said...

A wealth of information in an unusual presentation. A mini biography that is most interesting.

twitches said...

I am doing one of these -right now! I also like your negation; "not a bulldog."

Tammy said...

This was very entertaining and it's a clever idea.

I'm very sorry to hear about your brother n law and I'm here if he needs any info or someone to listen. xxoo

pepektheassassin said...

January, Pam: This was fun to do--it makes you think, too. Which is always a good thing to do.

twitch, I'm coming to check yours. out!... "Not a bulldog" is what my mentor used to say about me and my writing. She liked me and my writing (I even co-authored a book with her). "But," she said, "you are not a bulldog. And you have to be a bulldog to be a successful writer." She was definitely a bull dog.

Tammy, thank you. I will give him your blog info. Hope the weekend at your new house was fun!

wendy said...

Gram Cracker. Loved that one.

pepektheassassin said...

Yeah...that's what Bookworm calls me.

k said...

Every time I think there's not much left to call *unique,* you go and surprise me again.

chiefbiscuit said...

And you can add 'overseas friend and encourager' to that list!