Friday, September 08, 2006

2,996 -- WE REMEMBER . . .

DAVID PRUDENCIO LEMAGNE, a police officer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, was last seen helping form a human chain that was leading people out of the north tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. In the final moments of his young life, he saved two fellow comrades of the PA police and a third civilian security guard. He might have saved himself, but went back to save others.

DAVID graduated as a paramedic in 1994 from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Even after becoming a police officer in 2000, he continued to work as a paramedic at the New Jersey City Medical Center, simply because he loved to help people. When the attack occurred on the Twin Towers, he was told to stay put, but moments after the second plane hit, he asked to be sent to the trade towers, because of his training as a paramedic. Having aided and saved many lives in medical crisis, David understood what it meant to be of "Service."

OFFICER LEMAGNE was a notorious prankster, with an infectious grin. He loved jokes. He loved cycling, playing softball and basketball. Those who knew him best said: "I'll never forget that smile of yours or hearing you laugh."

"From time to time I still see you with your basketball, walking to the courts on 67th Street. I see your dad often, and he still cries...."

"I always looked up to you. I knew you for the brave leader you always were and the good friend everyone wishes they had."

"I don't know many people that was like you, David, kind, giving, down to earth, humble, bright, and a real good guy!"

DAVID loved dominoes games, and Bar-B-Ques, and smoking cigars. He loved hanging out at the "Spot," and throwing parties at "Topps."

David was 27 years old. He is survived by his parents, Prudencio and Ruth, and a sister, Maggie. And an entire nation, who appreciates and honors his committment to his mission and vocation. We still cry.... To OFFICER DAVID PRUDENCIO LEMAGNE, Badge #834, we say, "Well done!"


To be a mountain you have to climb alone
and accept all that rain and snow. You have to look
far away when evening comes. If a forest
grows, you stand there leaning against
the wind, waiting for someone with faith enough
to ask you to move. Great stones will tumble
against each other and gouge your sides. A storm
will live somewhere in your canyons hoarding its lightning.

If you are lucky, people will give you a dignified
name and bring crowds to admire how sturdy you are,
how long you can hold still for the camera. And some time,
they say, if you last long enough you will hear God;
a voice will roll down from the sky and all your patience
will be rewarded. The whole world will hear it: "Well done."

--William Stafford, Even in Quiet Places




wendylou who? said...

Thank you for sharing his face, and courage. His was alife well lived.

brian said...

Thank you for your kind and sensitive words in this tribute post.Like so many, David was interested in saving others first.

Thank you also for stopping by and commenting on my tribute post for Gilbert. Let's all keep this rolling through the weekend.

twitches said...

A kind and loving post. Thanks for sharing it.

Tish said...

What a touching, beautiful tribute. I hope that David's family is able to read it. My thoughts and prayers go out to all he left behind. Rest in peace, David.

Swampwitch said...

Thank you for taking the time to share this tribute. Like so many, he tried to help others first. I have posted a dedication because I'm away from home and do not have the information for the tribute of the firefighter whose service we attended on Staten Island. One song sung was "I Hope You Dance." I plays constantly in my mind.

web_loafer said...

pepe, your tribute for DAVID PRUDENCIO LEMAGNE was excellent. This 2996 project has introduced me to a whole bunch of caring people, and I have learned a lot about many of the victims of 9-11.
David could have escaped with his life, but he was a true public servant.If only our nation had more people with the courage and bravery under fire.
Thanks for you work for the 2,996 project.

onetallmomma said...

A true hero.

That was beautiful.

Too many tears tonight. I have to stop for now.

Tigersue said...

You are added to the Calling All LDS Women Blog roll.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thabks for your visit and your kind woirds, too.
This is a lovely Tribute. I am overwhelmed with all the wonderful selfless people I have been reading about all yesterday and today. The losses to their families is incalcuable. A sad sad day.

Ebyjo said...

Officer David was a man I would have liked to have called my friend. I love how you talked about his personality, how he loved to prank, how he loved to throw parties and smoke cigars! Truly a great man who was dearly loved. You did a wonderful job honoring him.

Thank you for visiting my blog about Claudia Suzette Sutton. She was a beautiful and inspiring lady.

My fiance and I share a blog together, and he did his tribute to Sara Elizabeth Low. It is here:

Tammy said...

I just got home from a camping trip and was very moved by your tribute. I'm sorry I was not here to help but this is a heck of a tribute.

Thank you!

paris parfait said...

Beautiful tribute and lovely poem. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Pretty hard reading these this morning as I watch 9/11 coverage on T.V. and type. Your tribute has put another lump in my throat, and it only gets harder and harder reading these tributes. What a special man. The first responders are indeed special and the most unselfish of people. Willing to give their lives to save someone elses. My God what courage, strength, and compassion. God Bless and outstanding tribute.

slickdpdx said...

Very nice. I'm glad his sacrifice is remembered.

slickdpdx said...

Very nice. I'm glad his sacrifice is remembered.

Tammy said...

David was a true hero and his sacrifice will never be forgotten. Beautiful tribute to David and giving us a glimpse into his fun side. God bless his family and friends for their loss.

gordaboo said...

Thank you for bringing this everyday hero to our lives with his story and picutre. He is no longer just a name to me.

We will never forget.

I remember Lisa Egan

Pris said...

What a magnificent tribute. He died on a day none of us will ever forget!