Saturday, July 08, 2006

A New Song for Babycat

...Mama, make your mouth move. Sing to me!

Words from an old hymn:
...And with the morn
Those angel faces smile,
Which I have loved long since,
And lost awhile.

So, RIP 'til morning, when we all "come back like birds," because we are "counted, one by one."

(Photo: The Cat's Paw Nebula, visible in Scorpio. Credit and copyright: Robert Gendler and Martin Pugh)


k said...

We held hands one last time today.

And then I buried him.

Now I will always think of him in that beautiful image up in the sky.

'til morning.

chiefbiscuit said...

I'm sad you've had a loss - Beautifully put - to find a star to represent him must be a comfort.

k said...

chiefbiscuit, I come back to this post over and over and over. I look at it all the time. I close my eyes then and feel myself touching him again, holding my hand out, feeling his in mine.

The comfort she's given me with this is too big for any words I can find.

pepektheassassin said...

:) Thanks.

k said...

I keep coming back.

It's now January 17, 2009.

At one point I just copied this picture and kept it in my own files, looking at it there. But then I lost it somehow, so now here I am once again.

Yesterday a commenter left a note on one of my old posts about Babycat. She said her own cat, Jennie, is 22 and coming to the end of her days. It was a touching comment, and I thought of you once again.

Joyce, you've given me so much comfort over the years, over Babycat and all the things going on in my life. I want to make sure you know how much that means to me.

*Thank you* seems so inadequate sometimes.