Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The North Woods!

Harkin General Store, New Ulm, MN. A real 19th-century general store, complete with clothes, medicine bottles and spectacles. Sit by the stove and enjoy a game of checkers.

Itaska State Park. The Headwaters of the Mississippi River. Where it all begins.

The Missouri River at New Ulm.

Crossing the Mighty Mississippi on foot.

(I love my new camera!)


k said...

I have always wanted to walk accross the Mississippi's headwaters like that. I love maps, and as a child there were a few places I would peruse for hours and wonder about visiting. This was one.

Another was the far NW tip of the continental US - which I've been to now, on the Olympic Peninsula - and Key West.

Must be some *thing* I have about beginnings, boundaries, so forth...

pepektheassassin said...

Sometime when you have a minute, check out my April archives and find Leslie Norris' poem "Borders." He was a great poet. I saw a TV program about him last night...speaking of beginnings, boundaries, so forth....