Friday, June 16, 2006


This spectacular collage of pictures featured daily on APOD (Astromony Picture of the Day) shows images from a website that first appeared on June 16th, 1995. Since that day, APOD has displayed over 400 million space-related images! Check it out! It's my daily fix.


Credit & Copyright: Herman Serrano


chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks for this! It may become a daily fix for us too - absolutely amazing stuff. The mind boggles is a saying that still has merit - esp when applied to pics such as this!

k said...

um...seriously, i truly AM lame-ass about this stuff...could you please put in the link?

k said...

uh...heh heh! okay, found it. put in APOD. gee! look what comes up!

*blush-stammer-run away after that !@#$% lost brain*

pepektheassassin said...

Blush *stammer* (I have no idea how to put in a link....)

k said...


oh oh OH!

that's the ONLY thing I know how to do!!! WHHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

ok. write your post, or whatever, like usual.

when it's time to insert a link in your draft, hit the *return* key so you get a new line.

copy the link in question. if the site you want to link is on your screen, for example, you can copy the address that shows in the address window. i usually do it that way. i minimize whatever i'm drafting, then call up the site i want to link, to be sure the link works. i put the cursor in the address window and copy that link.

then i maximize the draft again, put the cursor in that new line, and hit *paste.*

next, put the cursor at the end of the address and hit *return* - and it turns itself into a live link.

it's like MAGIC!

(see, the only reason i know how to do it is because it does it by itself!)

try it and let me know if it works, ok?

because then it's time for us both to learn how to do that linky thing where people put in a word that's colored and underlined, and you click it and it becomes a link.

and i know JUST the guy to teach us! my POPS! dc!

pepektheassassin said...


k said...

Ok. So maybe I'll see a link in your next post? ;)