Thursday, May 04, 2006



You can't go home again
T. Wolfe

That's shit
Bill Holm

Who sed that?
Did somebody say that
or was it in one of them dam books you read?

It don't matter
it's a pile of crap
I go home ever day
don't matter where I am
I'm the prodigal son coming back
I don't even need a Greyhound bus
I can go to my town right now
right here talking to you
because this
is everywhere
I've ever been

--David Lee, MY TOWN


pepektheassassin said...

David Lee, named Utah's first poet laureate in 1997, has published seven books. His collections include "The Porcine Canticles," "Covenants," and "My Town," which received the 1995 Western States Book Award for Poetry, the 1996 Mountain and Plains States Booksellers' Award, and a Critics' Choice Award.

His latest book, from Copper Canyon Press, is "So Quietly the Earth."

Dana said...

I just looked him up and saw that he was Utah's first Poet Laureate, as you point out here. He also has a workshop in Utah. Maybe I will go. I love poetry. I love the Colorado Plateau. Why not have the two together?

pepektheassassin said...

If you can get to one of his workshops, don't miss it! He is superb!