Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Super Size Me--Not

It's not my fault! Blame McDonald's. Fat used to be beautiful, just look at those old renaissance paintings of the Masters! Now, as Tv feeds us a spectacle of pictures of Americans starving on rooftops after Hurricane Katrina, a couple of books have come out with a new take on hunger. Sharman Apt Russell, who comes from New Mexico, has a new book called "HUNGER." Some of her sources include studies of doctors in the Warsaw Ghetto, others mention a notorious 1944 Minnesota Experimant which used Quakers and other conscientious objectors as "volunteers."

Did you know about this? These "cheerful" subjects grew "morose, flat, then bellicose, angry, and just plain miserable." Who wouldn't?

More recently, Magician David Blaine sealed himself in a Lucite box and went without food for 44 days. (Jesus only fasted for 40!) We make "obeisance to the cult of thinness," writes Wiliam Leith in THE HUNGRY YEARS. He writes from his own struggles, saying "Mostly, fat people are fat because they are troubled, and if they lose weight, they become troubled slim people, and then they start overeating again, and become fat people who are even more troubled than they were before." He writes, "Inside the binge you are pure have created a time zone more present than the present. You know you shouldn't do it, know you'll regret it... but none of these things matter." Audiences flocked to see Morgan Spurlock gain 30 pounds in a month for his film, SUPERSIZE ME. Yet he managed to keep himself "aloof from the sin of getting fat because it wasn't really his fault. It was McDonald's."

Or maybe the fault is not in ourselves, but in our stars. Or maybe not in McDonalds, but in ourselves. I'm turning over a new leaf.


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