Friday, October 21, 2005

Postcard From the Edge

So I began to write on a thin scrap of paper that said: Love's #220 Cheyenne, WY Date 07/25-05 Time 05:23 PM, wishing I had a real piece of paper to write on, but glad for this scrap. I sat at the window of the tenth floor looking down at a city like a jewel in the middle of a desert so ordinary it might be anywhere in the world. Palm trees, birds running on the edge of rooftops of buildings below, not afraid of falling because they are birds, men walking, and taxis in the streets. I have a fear of falling from high places. Even if I had wings I would be afraid. I know the sound the wind makes, rushing past my ears as I fall, falling faster every second. But not today. They say when you fall in a dream you never reach the bottom, because if you do reach the bottom you will die in your sleep. Some night, maybe soon, I will fall in a dream and not wake up. Sometimes I fly in dreams. Maybe on that night I will just fly away, like a bird. I am out of paper. Having a great time! Wish you were here!


slickdpdx said...


Have you heard of 100Words or NaNoWriMo? Writing projects on the web. One involves writing one hudred words a day. The other is a project where you are encouraged to write a novel in one month. Just write, don't worry about good or bad, clean it up later. (There's a NaNoEdMo too!)

Jo might be trying it.

pepektheassassin said...

Ha! Maybe I will try it too. I wrote this on the front and back of a gas station receipt I found in my purse (because I didn't have any other paper), early in the morning while Dad and Janet were still asleep--in Las Vegas. Watching the sun rise on the Strip.