Thursday, July 16, 2009


"...we have the whole tribe behind us and inside us, wherever we go."

A nice article by Orson Scott Card, about our tribal homeland, not our family home, but the homeland of our people. "These days," he says, "It isn't politically correct to talk about 'tribes.'--We're supposed to say 'ethnic groups.' But those are not exact synonyms. A tribe is considerably more than mere shared ethnicity....A tribe commands your loyalty. You look to the tribal homeland as the center."

On the 24th of July our tribe celebrates Pioneer Day with fireworks and parades and reunions and picnics. No matter where in the world your home is, if the tribal homeland is inside you, CELEBRATE!


Jo A. T.B. said...

The word tribe seems to hold more familiarity, and closeness to me! You can come from an ethnic group, and not have a familiy closeness!

I never heard of Pioneer day, hey I don't need an excuse to CELEBRATE!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Hi, Jo! Nice to hear from you--hope all's well at your house. The summer is going fast: seize the days!

Kay said...

Oh heck, politically correct, schmolitically correct! I love the word and thought of TRIBES!

rick said...

Hi Joyce,

Card's workshop was amazing. Some days he was "on" for 12 hours at a time. He seemed to have total, instant access to every book he has ever read, to his totally fluid imagination, and his beautiful, very funny, frequently employed sense of humor. He is a born teacher, a true gift to a classroom.

F.Y.I. he also describes himself as a democrat and a "small c" communist. Says capitalism is wrong-headed but he'll spend the checks as long as they keep sending them. Also, he cheerfully offends both far Right and far Left.

I certainly feel I got my money's worth from the retreat.

Best wishes,