Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Jake and I were working in the back yard yesterday morning, and as the day warmed, the ants began to stir and climb out to let a little sun shine on their winter-stiffened legs and backs. I work a little, and rest my own winter-stiffened legs and back a little, and then work a little more. I was resting when Jacob ran to me with the news, "The ants are having a party!" He kneeled down for a closer look. "I wonder whose birthday it is?" He pointed to various ants in turn. "Is it yours? Is it yours? Is it yours? Look!" he said. "The ants are dancing!" And, in fact, they were.

We do not step on these remarkable little beings at our house. We figure that the earth is wide enough and room enough for all of us to live together peacefully. The Farmers' Almanac (where I found the picture) says if you want the ants to stay out of your house you can use a natural ant repellant, like catnip, mint, cucumber peel, or tansy. I have no idea what tansy is, but I intend to rub a little cucumber peel on my door frame if they decide to party in my house.

Happy Earthday to us all! Party on! And, may I have this dance?


slickdpdx said...

I love ants!

Jo A. T.B. said...

I didn't know those things wart off ants, I'll have to try them. My cat will probrably eat the catnip though! Happy Earth Day! It's party time, Spring is here!

christine said...

at is a great story. I can hear his voice, his happiness at seeing the ant shindig. I'd love to sashay or do-see-do with you, Joyce.

Jo said...

How useful this is......I have ants and I can't put anything down cos of my puppy, plus I don't like killing ants, they're such amazing little things, so I'll get busy with the cucumber peel.