Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dust Mountains in the Carina Nebula

Happy 10th Birthday Hubble Heritage
1998 ~ 2008



Jo said...

How beautiful this is Joyce, I read that it's 7200 light years away. Very interesting!

Kay said...

Congrats on your new impending grandkiddy! Love the outer space photos - a good reminder that we are so small and the wonders out there immeasurable, never does any harm.
Soccer watching in autumn is a joy!

Ha! My word verification says loudwag! I think that may just say it all cos in 'kiwi language' a 'wag' is anoter name for a 'dag' - or a funny person of considerale personality. :)

Kay said...

Sorry about the sp mistakes

this word verification is much more passe - dfyrpcv - very blah

Jo said...

Pepek is astonishing. Really astonishing. I have loved each and every single page......such beautiful stories, and the images, wow. Now I need to read it all again and will. You are a truly outstanding poet.

ps I'm still reading but from my googleyreader as life has been very hectic. It's calming down now though.