Monday, October 29, 2007

WI: Haunted

Noodles, my old dog (gone to her reward) and a ghost haunting our living room a few years ago. Here it is, from two different angles, unseen by me, the photographer, but looks to me like she saw something scarey.

What IS it???

I think it might be the ghost of Richard Nixon. Or Jimmy Durante. (But you guys are all too young to remember Jimmy Durante....)


And finally, a poem, an old one, but, whatever....


This house is all enchanted.
Wild things disturb the air
behind the polished cupboard doors
and underneath the stairs--

a tremolo of whisperings
of drowsy, sleepy love,
a hungering of haunted springs
that foam and boil above

the gentle whorl of fingertips
on cups of tea, the toast and jam,
a fever under lock and key
that burns a withered epigram.

This house is all enchanted.
Wild things disturb the air
behind the polished cupboard doors
and underneath the stairs.



Hedwyg said...

Mmmmmmm - shiveringly lovely! I especially liked:
a tremolo of whisperings
of drowsy, sleepy love

Thank you, and have a great Halloween!

Redness said...

Wooooo ... that pic is amazing, your poem is haunting, Thank YOU!

Marja said...

Very nice and spooky. Have a great day

AnnieElf said...

Hi Peek. Two things - I remember Jimmy and Mrs. Calabash. Loved watching him when I was a kid. and two - marvelous poem filled with evocative imagery. Very much liked how you bookended the poem with the same verse. Oh, and the pics. Amazing and wondrous.

pepektheassassin said...

Thanks! You are as fast as I am today-- I have NEVER been first before!

A Glorious Halloween to all of you! (This is one of the best holidays, because you (meaning me, of course) get to eat all those tiny little chocolate bars that are left over....

Rambler said...

a tremolo of whisperings
of drowsy, sleepy love,

nice words..

BTw awesome pivs

Jo said...

Is that for real? OMG.......and I love the poem, a tremolo of whisperings is sublime.

Dick said...

I remember Jimmy Durante & your ghost's a dead ringer for him! Now, why would he appear in your living room..?

paisley said...

accounting of the ghost and the dog.. how absolutely awesome!!!!

and the poem,, well that was wonderful too... what evil things do lurk beneath the stairs??????

Pauline said...

this house is all enchanted - love that first line. I've always believed all houses hold their former owners' energy in their walls and floors and empty spaces

maybe the ghost is Mrs. Callabash? Dogs and cats and cameras can see things we don't

keith hillman said...

A brilliant start to my journey through the sites. Photos spooky, poem creepy!

Pam said...

Hey, I remember this picture! And I remember Jimmy Durante, too.

Wonderful poem, I also liked "a tremolo of whisperings of drowsy, sleepy love"

Your poems have such depth and feeling, I love them all.

UL said...

Goodness gracious - I get the creepy feeling. Loved the poetry too.

Pam Aries said...

YIKES! looks Like a ghost t ome! Wow!And the dog is going crazy! . Great Poem!!!!

gautami tripathy said...

After looking at the picture, I would go crazy too!

...deb said...

Lovely. I really liked the title, too. There is something particularly satisfying about rhyming spooky poems. Especialy when so good.

(And I remember Jimmy!)

paris parfait said...

That is one freaky photo. And your poem is fantastic! (I remember Jimmy Durante and Mrs. Calabash).

Anonymous said...

Fantastically creepy picture! And the poem! The poem was beautiful in that haunting (forgive the obvious pun) way that comes across in a lot of your poetry, especially the ones given to nostalgia. I particularly love "a fever under lock and key, that burns a withered epigram."
Hmmm, thank you for this!

tumblewords said...

Chilling photos! Wonderful poem! Great hauntings!

Rebicmel said...

wowzer, and this was great

kimberley said...

The photo is chilling! Your poem alluring.