Saturday, May 19, 2007


My little STARFISH is having his first piano recital this afternoon! Congratulations, KI, good work!

(Update: He did a great job, playing Fuzzy Baby Bird. I was happily surprised to find BOOKWORM was also performing in this recital, with a piece called Ancient Lantern. She did well, and I whistled and shouted and clapped loudly for both of them, as a grandma should.

Strangely, when I got home, there was a real fuzzy baby bird on my back doorstep--something (cat?) had torn off half of his little wing. I put antibiotic on his wounds and made him a nest, and tried to get him to eat a little hamburger worm (but he refused. Tried a little bread and milk, also refused.) So I'll just let him rest. I held him keeping him warm for 2 or 3 hours, then put him in his nest. He probably won't make it through the night, but I tried. He is still pretty fuzzy, with some new feathers...if he lives, I'll call him Halfwing. If he dies, I'll still call him Halfwing).


January said...

Now that's a reason the celebrate! Congratulations.

k said...

I wish you were at MY piano recitals when I was a kid!

I'm so glad you gave the little bird some comfort. They know. I have no doubt about that. They know you are helping, and if some comfort at the end is all that can be done - what a very great difference you've made in their life.

Pam said...

I make all the appropriate grandma hoorahs, too. Fun, isn't it?

Getting those little injured birds to eat, that's tough, good luck to Fuzzy.

pepektheassassin said...

I did get him to eat, and kept him warm, but the hurt was too much. He died this morning.