Thursday, January 11, 2007

PT: Nip and Tuck


Love, she murmurs
under her breakable manners
to the special jockstrap,
counting wins and losses,
finding new delicacies
under each heavy-handed syllable.
She knows the score:
it's nip and tuck
before the final round
where, unmannerly,
she pulls the trigger,
smokes a screaming bullet
as a breadloaf
into his gut,
a second into his groin.
The afternoon
churns red and white
as Robintino's checkered tablecloth
and the red pasta on white china.
His wineglass tips,
spills onto his trim
and familiar white vest.
It is a long joke
with no ending but
a ruined vest.

(That's about enuf to piss off the good humor man! Understand, she never intended to kill him, just wanted to put a scare into him, which she did. She knows he has more moves than a bowl of jello--when he saw her there, face red as a tomato, you could've knocked him over with a feather he was so surprised. Too bad. He was on a roll, you might say, and he was stumped for about a second when she started pitching bread loaves at him--thought she was crazy as a loon--but then again, she might've come at him with the bread knife! He knew she'd caught him between a rock and a hard place, but hell, life's never all fun and games. Too bad about the vest though. It was almost new.) Thanks, Dana!


Anonymous said...

Ouch, harsh. Ever considered writing one of those kiss kiss, bang bang novels? This has got a kind of film noir feel to it.

Tammy said...

LOL Great job on this one, you coveered many cliches...bravo!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a rip-roarer of a poem! Well done, you!

Anonymous said...

Wow is right! Right up there with the Dixie Chicks' "Earl".
Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, desert rat beat me to identifying this as film noir-ish. It has so much of that feel that I don't know whether to laugh or take it seriously! It sounds great either way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment on my last post. It's reassuring to know that while my physical world is forever altered, when the artistic spirit reaches out it makes contact. And the feeling is mutual, your poems are unique and carry such power.

Anonymous said...

very clever paragraph. I chuckled...Does this mean I'm twisted?

pepektheassassin said...


pepektheassassin said...

Thanks, everyone for stopping by these woods. But I have miles to go before, well, you know.

It's SNOWING again!

Anonymous said...

Clever, sick, twisted. And I mean all of those as compliments!

pepektheassassin said...

...and a little psycho....:)

Dana said...

Hahahaha. This is delightful and twisted. I love it. And I love your use of clich├ęs. Well done!

~Dana at sublimation/poetrythursday

jillypoet said...

Yes. Very film noir. I was looking around the restaurant for Guy Noir! This is fast paced and tongue in cheek and bullet in bread, all of it! Love it!