Saturday, March 11, 2006

How to Leave the World ...

How to Leave the World that Worships Should

Let faxes butter-curl on dusty shelves.
Let junkmail build its castles in the hush
of other people's halls. Let deadlines burst
and flash like glorious fireworks somewhere else.
As hours go softly by, let others curse
the roads where distant drivers queue like sheep.
Let emails fly like paniked, tiny birds.
Let phones, unanswered, ring themselves to sleep.

Above, the sky unrolls its telegram,
immense and wordless, simply understood:
you've made your mark like birdtracks in the sand -
now make the air in your lungs your livelihood.
See how each wave arrives at last to heave
itself upon the beach and vanish. Breathe.

Ros Barber

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Ros Barber said...

Hey, you can post up my poem, but you should link my name to my website, or blog, as payment in kind, if you don't mind. Nice to find my work appreciated out there, anyway. By the way, love the images. I love photo-heavy blogs. Sadly for me, I only seem to have words.