Friday, November 18, 2005

The Strangeness of Light and Matter

The reality of our universe is that truth has two opposite forms. Light and subatomic parts are both wave and particle. Matter is also energy, so matter is just light in another form...both forms of reality (are) scientifically provable. Truth is two things and not one...There is even more strangeness to the story of light and matter, a strangeness still not understood by scientists...From a scientific point, matter seems to have life, not only because there is a wave/particle duality to nature, but also because subatomic particles have an amazing ability to be interconnected, to communicate with each other, and to act as a unified whole. Because of the way electrons are interconnected they appear to be communicating faster than the speed of light, as if there were no time or space separating them. It is possible for one electron to communicate with a second electron instantly even when they are miles apart. Under certain conditions, a high density of electrons act like one whole, similar to a flock of birds changing directions in flight all at the same time.

One physicist, David Bohm, was so impressed with how electrons act that he remarked that they actually seemed to be alive. Bohm said that "dividing the universe up into living and nonliving things...has no meaning. Animate and inanimate matter are inseparably woven, and life, too, spread throughout the totality of the universe. Even a rock is in some way alive...

The modern physics of light and matter reveal that we are connected in someway with the entire universe. In summarizing the new physics, Gary Zukav wrote, "The philosophical implication of quantum mechanics is that all of the things in our universe (including us) that appear to exist independently are actually parts of one all-encompassing organic pattern, and that no parts of the pattern are ever really separate from it or from each other."

--Grant Bishop

I say, "Waaa-Hoooo! Remember this next time you feel far from home!"


slickdpdx said...

I don't buy it. My pinewood derby car isn't alive even though it moves down the track. Seems like using a sloppy definition of alive to make a nice point about how interesting the universe it. That said, I liked the idea as a metaphor and enjoyed reading it! Keep on truckin!

pepektheassassin said...

The inconceivable idea of the sun.

You must become an ignorant man again.
And see the sun again with an ignorant eye, And see it clearly in the idea of it.

--Wallace Stevens
The idea of it (as metaphor) may just be the reality of it. Metaphor is a device to help us see the reality behind the thing itself more clearly.

pepektheassassin said...

Also, speaking of wave/particle duality, according to Stephen Hawking, it works like this: As physicists have split the atom into smaller and smaller particles, they have discovered that there is no final 'tiniest part' of nature. Rather, "there are forces best described as wavelengths of electromagnetism, or light. These pieces of light serve as the fundamental building blocks for everything." (Presumably, "everything" here refers to rocks, stars, Us, and our dogs.) :What this theory tells us is that everything we consider to be real actually breaks down into simple light, in all of its various wavelengths." I think that just as we don't fully understand what physical "light" is, we also have only an elementary understanding of what "life" is.

And we can ONLY see it clearly in the IDEA of it.

Pixletwin said...

I agree. rock stars are made of light (except danzig)

pepektheassassin said...

Geez Louise, I said Rocks, Stars,....not Rock Stars. (But that IS funny!) And I needed something to laugh about.